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Ensuring Family Voice in Return-to-School Plans Tip Sheet (PDF) (Family-School-Community Alliance, FSCA)


The response to the COVID-19 pandemic places huge demands on schools, communities and families. As schools prepare for re-opening, partnerships between home and school create a foundation for educating students built on equitable collaboration. This approach not only offers the most efficient and effective move to immediate return-to-school implementation but also sets the stage for a long-term shift in the deeper and productive connections between home and school.

This is a ripe opportunity to engage families as true collaborative partners throughout the return to school process. Families need opportunities to share information and participate in planning and problem solving efforts. As a result, schools will be able to make informed, culturally responsive decisions and will benefit from increased buy-in and commitment from families and the community at large. It is critical to ensure outlets for staff, families, and students to be and feel heard, to ask questions, and to engage in real and transparent dialogue.


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