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School-Based Bullying Prevention: What should I do to implement a program in my school that can prevent or intervene in bullying?


This MPG I-Guide is focused on the problem of bullying in school, and is intended for those individuals interested in creating safe school environments by implementing school-based bullying prevention programs. Potential users of this I-Guide include school administrators, teachers and school staff, students, parents, practitioners, and professionals who work with youth, as well as others in the community.

Users of this I-Guide can be at any point in the pre-implementation stage. For example, it may be helpful to those who want to target school-based bullying but are unsure of the extent and nature of bullying occurring in their school. This I-Guide provides information about needs assessment tools and other approaches to diagnose bullying. It can also help those who already know about a school’s bullying problem but may need guidance about how to get buy-in and support to implement a prevention program.


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