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[TechKnowledgy 2015-16] Twitter 101 for Educational Professionals: Harry Potter Style!


TechKnowledgy Conference


(Recorded Webinar from 11/12/2015 presentation by Christopher Bugaj) Face it, you're a muggle. There's an entire wizarding world happening all around you called Twitter. You've heard about it. You may have even tried it. But you don't understand how or why it works. Why tweet? What's a hashtag and how do I use it? What is a "chat," how does it work, and why would I ever want to be involved in one? This session will take you through the basics. Not only will you learn the "hows" of Twitter, but you'll learn the "whys." Learn why and how to search Twitter for assistive technology resources as well as find other users who share similar interests. Features such as hashtags, mentions, direct messages, and scheduled chats will all be discussed. Accio participanto!


Assistive Technology Communication - AT Parent/Family Professional Development Professional Resources