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Fantastic New Tools in Windows 7


Karen Dietrich


This workshop has nine new Windows 7 tools to explore. These are productivity tools that will enhance your computer experience. Come explore them in this www.Workshop and save the direction sheets for use later.


  1. This screen capture tool is built into Windows 7 and  is very easy to use. You can capture whatever you want from the screen, edit it and then email it or copy and paste it wherever you want it to go.  

  2. Sticky Notes are quick and easy notes you can keep on your desktop as a reminder.

  3. The Sound Recorder tool allows a user to create audio files to save and use in another location.  

  4. Speech recognition/speech to text, is a tool that has been recommended for several years for persons with physical disabilities who cannot access a typical keyboard.  It is also a tool that has become mainstream in recent years with the conception of cell phones with speech to text technology.  Windows 7 has a speech recognition instrument that with some training can be a very beneficial tool.

  5. For those who find common font sizes too small to comfortably read, there are options. One solution is to change the screen resolution, which can work, but can distort images and icons on the screen. The magnifier is a better solution for modifying the computer display.

  6. Your computer does all of the work, but your monitor is what you look at all day. If it does not look good, you will not get the most out of your computing experience, and you can even strain your eyes. Windows 7 includes two great tools for adjusting your display to fit your preferences.

  7. If you give presentations on a regular basis, you'll welcome a new tool in Windows 7 that makes it easy for you to display your Windows 7 portable computer's desktop on a projector. 

  8. The Credential Manager is another new feature in Windows 7, that allows the user to save passwords for their accounts. 

  9. One new tool in Windows 7 is the Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) — especially for those of us who provide tech support to Windows users. No matter how hard they try, users often have problems accurately describing the problem they're experiencing or the steps they took before or after experiencing it. The Problem Steps Recorder will document the steps the person took and record the steps with text and images.


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