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[TechKnowledgy 2014] Broaden Your Students' Educational Horizons through Assistive Technologies


TechKnowledgy Conference


[Virtual TechKnowledgy 2014 Webinar by Kelly Fonner]
Are you using all the tools that are available to improve your students' learning and demonstration of literacy skills? Have your students developed note-taking and study skills? Are they communicating and participating in socially acceptable ways, autonomously and as independently as possible? These are the possibilities of supports through today's mobile technologies, apps, software, and even no tech assistive technology strategies. It doesn't have to be complicated or costly; supports have to be well chosen and planful. Today's assistive technologies are cross platform, Google enabled, and take advantage of modern features including video modeling, voice recognition, and capturing digital information. These technologies have been used in researched based interventions with our students to improve performance and learning in both school and community settings. This webinar will highlight a wide variety of cross platform tools including literacy, communication, and curricular supports for students who are served in a variety of classrooms. It will also deliver an easy to follow format for including these tools in the school day, not as a separate activity, but as part of the busy day. These tools will help your students be more efficient and effective in learning. You want something to help you and your students, and that is exactly what assistive technologies are designed to do!


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