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PEATC Factsheet for Virginia's Parents: Every Child Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA)


The Every Child Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA) replaces the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB). Under ESSA, the States and Districts are given more leeway as to how federal dollars are to be spent on education. This reduces the role of federal oversight by giving power back to the states to make decisions about appropriate spending and to have greater flexibility in setting their own academic performance targets and effective interventions.

To help, Congress created a block grant called the Student Support and Academic Enrichment grant program. 95% of the federal funds must go to the districts in each state but the state develop the application for the funds, thus influencing their decisions on how to spend the money. On October 21, 2016, Congress released a non-binding guidance on how the funds are to be spent and other spending regulations.


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