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CATCH My Breath


CATCH My Breath is a free best-practice middle and high school E-cigarette prevention program! The curriculum increases students' knowledge of E-cigarettes, nicotine and addiction dangers. It offers activities, online resources, and take-home materials for parents.

The CATCH My Breath Youth E-cigarette Prevention Program’s goal is to increase students’ knowledge of E-cigarettes, nicotine and addiction dangers while cutting their intended use of the product in the future. Our aim is to inform and educate teachers, parents, and health professionals in the school/after-school setting to equip students with answers about E-cigarettes to make informed decisions.

CATCH My Breath includes active student-centered learning facilitated by peer leaders. The program offers in-class activities, teacher education, online resources, and take-home materials for parents. The program is based on state of the art tobacco awareness and prevention best-practices and is being evaluated for outcome evidence. The curriculum consists of 4 lessons at 30-40 minutes each.

The program’s key learning objectives include: knowledge of E-cigarettes and potential harms, understanding and analyzing deceptive advertising techniques, developing and practicing socially acceptable refusal skills and practicing peer modeling techniques in small groups.

Specifically, the intended outcomes are to ensure that students will:

  •  Understand that E-cigarettes are addictive, unhealthy and not as popular as they think.
  • Resist their own curiosity and peer pressure to experiment with E-cigarettes.
  • Influence friends and peers to not use E-cigarettes.


Art/Health/Music/Physical Education (PE) Curriculum/Instructional Methods High School Middle School