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11 Easy Tips to Really Engage with Families (PBISApps' Teach By Design)


Time and again, research confirms students succeed when their families are involved with their education. When you hear the words 'family involvement,' what comes to mind? Maybe you think of all the ways families have shown up in the building, or how they read to their students each night. While these are important things for families to do, some will never get involved using only these strategies. So, how do you get more families participating in what you're doing at school? In a word: Engagement. Find out how you can take the things you're already doing to get families involved, and make them more engaging.


Barrier #1: Conflicts with Family Life Logistics

Every family comes with its own set of logistics – other kids, work schedules, dinner routines. Every logistic represents a possible conflict that makes getting to the school challenging. Not everyone can come to a school event happening between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. Any after-school parent night that doesn’t include childcare or food also limits the number of families who can attend.




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