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Engage Every Family - Five Simple Principles (Dr. Steve Constantino) 2020


Why haven’t we been more successful in engaging every family in the educational lives of their children? Why do we still struggle with the notion of engaging every family as a conduit to improved student learning?

This book outlines a pathway and process to engage every family, including those families that have been traditionally disengaged or disenfranchised. Updates to this second edition include updated research to ensure a firmer foundation for each of its five simple principles as well as:

   - Reflections about implicit bias, equitable learning outcomes, and the role family engagement plays
   - A deeper dive into the idea of family efficacy, or empowering families to work alongside teachers for improved learning
   - A nuanced switch from building to developing relationships, and how trust is at the core of that subtle difference

Dr. Steve Constantino shares what he has learned and how he has improved the Five Simple Principles for family engagement and its powerful effects upon student achievement.


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