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April is Military Child Month (PEATC)


Military children have to regularly deal with situations their civilian counterparts find hard to understand and difficult to imagine. Through today’s media, people are aware of the deployments military families experience and the moving, emotional homecoming at the end of 6-12 months or more of being apart. What they don’t get to see is the group of 8-year-olds shooting hoops outside suddenly stop and stand at attention when the solemn song of  “Taps” plays at the end of the day because these children live on a military installation.  They will finish their game after the song is done and then hurry home to supper. The resiliency of military-attached students often goes unnoticed but is demonstrated when they enroll in their 9th school and it’s only their sophomore year. These remarkable children continue to excel regardless of their circumstances and in fact, sometimes because of them.

If you are stationed in Virginia and have a child with an IEP or have questions about state disability services, please reach out to ROS'LYNNE COLEN, PEATC’s Military Outreach Specialist, or KERI PEKO, our Military Outreach Coordinator.  These two ladies have nearly 50 years of experience serving as military spouses who have children with IEPs and are here to support America’s service members, their spouses, but especially their CHILDREN.

(Excerpted from PEATC's E-News, April 4, 2022)


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