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ATN/AIR-P Puberty and Adolescent Resource (Autism Speaks)


ATN/AIR-P Puberty and Adolescent Resource - Puberty can be a time of mixed feelings for parents and pre-teens. All parents eventually face the challenge of teaching their children about the natural changes of puberty. However, parents of pre-teens with autism may need the help of additional strategies to ease the transition.

Our aim in developing this tool is to provide guidance on puberty that can be directly applied to pre-teens with autism. In doing so, we hope to increase families' understanding of puberty and their ability to adapt to these changes with confidence.

Sections include:

  • Body changes
  • Self-care and hygiene
  • Public vs. private rules
  • Staying safe: Strangers, secrets and touch
  • Elopement
  • Safety planning for increased aggression
  • Internet safety


Autism Spectrum Disorder Behavior Disability Characteristics Elementary Independent Living Middle School Parent/Family Professional Resources Safety Self-Determination Sensory/Motor Transition