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Recover, Redesign, Restart 2020 (Virginia Department of Education, VDOE) (Revised July 2020)


Recover, Redesign, Restart 2020 (PDF) is a guiding document for Virginia school divisions developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in preparation for schools reopening. It addresses all facets of school operations and includes key questions, embedded links to resources, and recommendations for school leaders within the reopening parameters set forth by our Governor.  Hundreds of hours have been devoted to its creation by caring and committed stakeholders who understand the critical role schools have in a healthy community. This includes the Return to School Recovery Task Force, the Accreditation Task Force and the Continuity of Learning (C4L) Task Force. The guidance provided is designed to assist school divisions in developing successful reopening plans.

Note: The updated version has a July date on the front cover. Page 9 has a quick reference guide on where edits have been made.


Collaboration Curriculum/Instructional Methods Family Engagement Professional Resources Safety