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OCR Video Series on Accessibility (Office of Civil Rights)


View OCR Video Series on Accessibility - The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights announces a video series covering a variety of topics on digital access in education, including how people with disabilities use technology, applicable Federal regulations, and identifying and remediating barriers to access.  Whether you are in the educational field or not, these videos have wide ranging coverage for those who want to know: What makes technology accessible for individuals with disabilities? And how can I make my site or platform more accessible?

Topics include:

  • An Introduction to Digital Accessibility
  • Topic 1-  Digital Accessibility: Three Points About the Law
  • Topic 2-  How Some People with Disabilities Use Technology
  • Topic 3-  Recommended Practices & Tips for Digital Accessibility
  • Topic 4-  Vendors and Partnerships
  • Topic 5-  Creating an Organizational Culture that Embraces Accessibility
  • Topic 6-  The Importance of Manual Testing for Digital Accessibility
  • Topic 7-  Keyboard Access and Visual Focus Indicators
  • Topic 8-  Testing When the Screen is Magnified
  • Topic 9-  Logical Reading Order
  • Topic 10- Alternative Text
  • Topic 11- Fillable Forms
  • Topic 12- Buttons & Form Controls
  • Topic 13- Use of Color Alone to Convey Information
  • Topic 14- Color Contrast
  • Topic 15- Links
  • Topic 16- Tables
  • Topic 17- Heading Structure
  • Topic 18- Video Captioning
  • Topic 19- Reporting & Responding to Digital Barriers for People with Disabilities


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Assistive Technology Family Engagement Federal Laws Instructional Technology Professional Resources Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (504)