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TIES Center & Inclusive Leadership Series: Video Clip Library (University of Minnesota)


TIES Center - Increasing the time, instructional effectiveness, engagement, and state and district support for inclusive practices is the goal to eliminate the research to practice gap for students with significant cognitive disabilities. Realizing this goal requires high expectations and a presumption of competence for each student, which then leads to the provision of equitable opportunities and collaborative support. These expectations, opportunities, and support are critical in the realization of meaningful outcomes: each child experiencing a sense of belonging, of learning, of relationships, and the opportunity to make contributions during their school years and beyond. Inclusive school communities benefit all students during their school careers and after they graduate by contributing to the development of more inclusive, diverse, and vibrant communities. 

Inclusive Leadership Series: Video Clip Library - The Inclusive Leadership Series: Video Clip Library is a unique resource. It is a curated collection of interview excerpts featuring prominent educators who have extensive experience with inclusive school system improvement processes that focus on promoting system-wide learning, prioritizing teaching and learning, building capacity through support and accountability, and fostering open and collaborative cultures. The Video Clip Library supports state, school district and school leaders in considering the why, what and how of implementing and sustaining inclusive education that improves educational outcomes for all students, including students with significant cognitive disabilities.


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