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8 Reliable Sources Share Apps That Create Access to Curriculum Content Across Grade Levels (AIM-VA Blog)


Access to instruction means everything if struggling readers are to keep pace with their grade-level peers. AIM-VA blog readers love our stories about chosen apps and websites that help to by-pass textbooks, trade books or other traditional learning materials in print when they prove to be barriers to learning. 

Favorite Apps  The following are lists of favorite apps that are shared by reliable sources.  They support all learners and may hold special value for struggling students who are working with accessible educational materials (AEM) as part of their Individualized Education Program plans.

  1. "12 Great Math Apps for Students of All Ages,".External Link to 12 Great Math Apps for Students of All Ages, by AK Whitney on the Jan. 12 website
  2. "Teachers With Apps: Best Apps of 2015,".External Link to  a short list with apps that met criteria for educational value that are "changing the landscape of how kids learn"
  3. "2015 Award Winners: Best Learning Apps & Games of the Year,".External Link to  on Dec. 31, 2015 from BaleFire Labs after reviewing more than 1200 educational apps and games these stood out for their "strong instructional design and usability" (This resource is no longer available.)
  4. "Apps for Dyslexia".External Link to Infographic on Nov. 29, 2015 by Judy Hanning on the website
  5. "Best Kids Apps of 2015,".External Link to  on Dec. 22, 2015 on the website
  6. "13 Bloom’s Taxonomy apps for showing true thinking skills,".External Link to by Stephen NooNoo on the Nov. 17th website
  7. "4 Good Digital Storytelling Apps for Android,".External Link to on the Nov. 21 website  
  8. "Top 10 Apps 2015,".External Link to  by Daryl Grabarek on the website
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