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Family and Family Organization Resources - Community and Agency Partners & Strategies for Connecting with Students & Families (Attendance Works)


These resources include Parent Handouts on Attendance and Toolkits for Parent Engagement, Attendance, and Military familes as well as for handouts for parents and students in different grade levels and in a variety of languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, and Chinese). There are also flyers to help parents decide if their children are too sick, pledge cards and interactive exercises.

Strategies for Connecting with Students & Families
School districts should consider revamping their registration and processes to update contact information so they are less likely to lose touch with families. Ask families to provide you with multiple ways to contact them. Explain that the changes are being made so schools can notify families quickly of changes in the school schedule or about new information related to Covid-19 in the school community. This may necessitate changing district forms and database fields, but is ultimately worth it.


Family Engagement Professional Resources