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Archived Webinar: Mindful Emotion Regulation Strategies for Early Educators and the Children With Whom They Work (Early Childhood Investigations)


Every day, and especially during these very challenging times, it is important to organic ways to keep stress levels low. Stress inarguably challenges immune systems and a challenged immune system leaves adults and children susceptible to myriad physical and mental challenges. The access to organically managing stress is to understand and use the power our minds have over our bodies. In the same way, we take out bodies to the gym for physical strength, Mind Care & Emotion Regulation Expert, Coach Troy Byer has created exercises designed to strengthen neuro-muscles by creating a workout program for the mind. And, it is scientifically proven, when we work out our neuro- muscles, we simultaneously create neurotransmitters that intercept the neurotransmitters caused by stress, such as cortisol.

This energizing and evidence-based webinar is designed specifically to provide the tools and tips parents, teachers and children can use in order to self-soothe and regulate their emotions - especially when confronted with stressors, threats or challenges. Troy will help you learn exercises focused on self-soothing and emotion regulation techniques that address confusion, anger, anxiety, depression and help children regulate their behavior. You will complete the webinar with a toolbox of organic, quick, effective and fun techniques, leaving them at the source of their solace and peace of mind - no matter what.


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