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Critical Decision Points for Families of Children with Disabilities: Guide, Videos, Web-based Modules and One-Pagers (Virginia Department of Education, VDOE)


Critical Decision Points for Families of Children with Disabilities - The Critical Decision Points for Families of Children with Disabilities guide was developed in order to assist families of children with disabilities with understanding keys to their children's academic success, as well as decisions that they will have to make throughout their children's careers in public education.  Information is provided that will assist parents with understanding not only what decisions will need to be made, but also when those decisions need to start being considered. 

Training Modules: Critical Decision Points For Families of Children with Disabilities (I'm Determined) - The Virginia Board for People with Disabilities created training modules to assist in helping families make decisions at critical points in their education. It includes videos to help explain some components of the full document, which is available for download in the right-hand column within the modules. 

YouTube Videos: Critical Decision Points, Sessions 1-5 - VDOE's Coordinator of Family Engagement, Tracy Lee, has recorded five video modules for families to access at home. 

Critical Decision Points for Families of Chidren with Disabilities One-Pager Library contains important information for families, including the difference between IEPs and 504 Plans, handling disagreements about your child's special education program, your Parental Rights and more.



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