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Good Day Plan (iOS App and Web App) (I'm Determined)


Think about what a good day at school or work looks like for you.  Do you need coffee?  Do you need to listen to music first thing in the morning or do you need quiet to start your day? Does it happen now? If not, what can YOU do to make it happen? Who can help you out along the way?

What it is

The Good Day Plan is a simple tool used to help you identify the factors that play a role in whether or not you have a good day.

What it does

The Good Day Plan allows you to view your day from beginning to end and helps you identify a structure/routine that enables you to have a good day.

How to do it

You and a teacher/parent/mentor visualize a good day and write down the steps to achieve it. Then, using the apps or following the template, create an action plan to make your good day happen more often. The iOS app works only with iPads and includes a Teacher Dashboard that allows teachers to track and manage their class. The Web app works on any connected device or computer.


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