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Young Athletes Curriculum (Special Olympics)


Young Athletes is a unique sport and play program for children ages two to seven with and without intellectual disabilities. Our focus is on fun activities that are important to mental and physical growth.

Children enjoy activities that develop motor skills like balance, flexibility, strength, and coordination. In fact, in a recent study, children with developmental delays who participated in a structured eight-week Young Athletes program showed significantly more motor development than those who did not. Not only that, but their teachers and parents also reported improved confidence, language skills, and social skills. After participating, involved families shared that they played more together at home and in the community.

Young Athletes are easy to start, fun for all, and a great way to boost confidence and expectations. It can be offered in-person at school or virtually at home. Individual equipment bags are provided for students and schools receive additional non-shared equipment. The lessons are all virtual, which means no planning for teachers!


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