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Statewide Consumer-Directed Assistants Directory


This Directory provides employment opportunities for individuals who would like to work as a Consumer-Directed Assistant, supporting a person with a disability to live independently in the community.

A Consumer-Directed Assistant is a person who assists an individual with a disability with activities of daily living- such as bathing, toileting, dressing, and grooming.  An Assistant also helps with routine tasks such as cooking, housework, errands, and shopping; and with recreation and socialization.  An Assistant provides support for the person with a disability at home, at work, in social events in the community, and when travelling for vacation or employment, empowering their employer to be able to live a very active and independent lifestyle. The type of assistance needed will vary based on the type of disability your employer has, and the age, lifestyle and interests of your employer. Your employer is the “Consumer”, and they “Direct” the services and supports they need to live independently.


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