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Executive Function and Organization (OCALI)


Executive Function and Organization - Students with ASD often have a very uneven learning profile. For example, they may have excellent long-term and rote memory abilities but have executive function deficits. Executive function challenges can include difficulties with general organization and planning skills, problems with impulsivity and problem-solving, and challenges with goal completion. Common learning challenges and possible accommodations and supports include:

  • Providing notes or review sheets
  • Using work checklists to complete assignments
  • Setting deadlines for completion of portions of projects along the way
  • Hands-on learning, models, demonstrations, and other visual modalities
  • Extra time for tests
  • Separate “quiet” place for taking tests
  • Use of calendars to record events, deadlines, reminders
  • Use of phones or portable media players w/alarms and reminders
  • Cameras to gather visual reminders of locations, materials, etc.
  • Portable audio recorders to quickly record thoughts and ideas in the moment
  • Organizational tools, both high- and low-tech (PDAs, computers, syncing electronic calendars, binder, folders, notebooks, etc.)


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