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Supporting Literacy at Home Guides in English and Spanish (Multitiered System of Supports for English Learners)


The Supporting Literacy at Home Guides in English and Spanish provides parents with suggestions for supporting their children's literacy development at home, through a culturally and linguistically responsive approach to shared reading. Parents and family members are encouraged to engage in interactive reading and discussion in Spanish and/or English and their funds of knowledge are tapped by connecting the text to the families' culture and background experiences. Parents learn to use evidence-based reading strategies, such as making predictions, fluency checks, rereading, and deepening comprehension, through open-ended questioning strategies. These strategies accommodate variations in parent language and literacy proficiencies. The guides support an asset-based view English Learners' parents and family members and of their ability to support literacy, even if they do not read or speak the language being read by their child.


Curriculum/Instructional Methods English Learners (ELs) Evidence-Based Practice Literacy