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Whoa! Check Out 32 "Virtual TechKnowledgy" Vendors for Unique AT Access to Your Curriculum

From the AIM-VA Blog:
Vendors that specialize in assistive and learning technologies is one factor making special education "special."
AT For Support  Specialized products combined with teacher expertise create novel ways access to the curriculum content that all students need to know and master in order to progress in school. General educators rarely know these products. You can get to know them better by checking out our links that follow.

The Gold List  Here is the list of companies serving students with low- to high-incidence disabilities that were featured in the virtual exhibit hall of third annual Virtual Techknowledgy Virtual Conference: Special Topics in Assistive Technology (2015-2016) on November 10-12.  It is sponsored annually by the Virginia Department of Education, TTAC Online and AIM-VA. The hall remains open so bookmark for an easy return.

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