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H.Y.P.E. at Home (Hip Hop Public Health)


As a public health organization, we at Hip Hop Public Health felt the strong need to support the communities we work with during a time like this. For those of you wondering how best to keep your schools, workplaces and homes safe, refer to this practical and informative guide from the CDC. Even with current social distancing recommendations, the importance of keeping active remains important for our overall health and immune systems. Hip Hop Public Health has, therefore, put together a collection of free, fun, standards-based dance breaks that encourage physical activity at home. Keep your spirits up, stay healthy and get H.Y.P.E. at Home. The H.Y.P.E. at Home collection is easily accessible to anyone for free in our Resource Center, along with our other 100+ free educational videos, comic books and music. You can also download these resources and save them on your computer.


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