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Autism Response Team (Autism Speaks)


 10 Ways the Autism Response Team Can Help

  1. When You Don’t Know Where to Start: The Autism Response Team (ART) is specially trained to connect people with autism, their families and caregivers to information, tools, and resources.  
  2. Learn the Signs: Are you concerned your child has a developmental delay? Trust your instincts and contact ART to learn how to connect with your local Early Intervention resources.  Early intervention services can make extraordinary differences in your child’s development.
  3. Find Local Services: Do you need help finding local autism service providers in your area? ART can help you learn about the Autism Speaks Resource Guide, our online national
  4. Find the Right Tools: Contact ART to learn more about our Family Services Tool Kits! Our Tool Kits provide information, timelines, strategies, and more on many topics relevant to the autism community.  Examples include our 100 Day Tool Kit, School Community Tool Kit, Dental Tool Kit and more! . . .




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