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Communicate With Your Child's School: Email and Letter Templates (PEATC)


Email and Letter Templates - It is very important, when expressing concerns about your child’s educational services or when requesting something from the school division, that you do so in writing. That way, you have a record of your request.

Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what to include in your communication with the school division. To make things easier, PEATC has developed a series of sample emails/letters in a variety of areas that you can use as the basis for your request(s). The templates include the basic information that may be important to communicate and point out where you should put in personal details about your child or the particular situation or request.
Of course, you can change these templates in any way you want. They are simply an additional resource available to you to hopefully make the process of communication with your school team easier.

If you have any questions you can always reach out to PEATC for one-on-one assistance (



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