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Parenting with a Disability: Know Your Rights Toolkit (National Council on Disability)


The Parents with Disabilities Toolkit provides a summary of disability laws that protect families’ rights. Inside of the toolkit, you will find information on topics like adoption, custody, visitation, family law, and the child welfare system. We have also shared parts of NCD’s report, Rocking the Cradle, with stories from parents who have been treated unfairly because of their disabilities.

Knowledge is power, and helping people understand this issue is very important. Through this toolkit, we hope to get people talking about the unfair way parents with disabilities are treated every day.

There are many ways to stop the way parents with disabilities are treated unfairly—the most important way is saying it is not okay to treat us unfairly!

The first step is to know your rights. We hope this toolkit gives you lots of helpful information.

Together, we can end the way parents with disabilities are treated unfairly and make the laws better to protect the rights of parents with disabilities all across the country.


After High School All Disabilities Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Federal Laws Parent/Family Professional Resources Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (504)