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6 Worries Families Have About This Year's Back-to-School (Understood)


1. I don’t know what school’s going to look like, and I can’t plan.

It’s hard to plan for school when you don’t yet know if school is going to be remote, in-person, or a combination of the two. Do you need to find childcare, change your work schedule, or take time off work so you can be available to support at-home learning?

When you can’t plan, it’s hard to help your child get ready. You may not even know if you should be buying school supplies. Uncertainty can be especially tough for kids who need routine, structure, and an idea of what to expect to feel confident about going back.

2. I’m afraid to send my child back to school.

Some families don’t feel ready to have their kids go back to a school building. There’s a lot of anxiety around COVID-19 and how schools will handle safety and wellness. You may worry about your child getting sick or bringing the virus back home. Or you might be concerned that teachers will have a hard time enforcing all the safety rules.


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