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Bright Futures (American Academy of Pediatrics)


The American Academy of Pediatrics publishes Bright Futures to promote the health, education and wellbeing of children, families, and communities.

The heart of Bright Futures is up-to-date expert children’s health information covers health and wellness from birth though adolescence. Bright Futures also focuses on the relationship between social, developmental, and health outcomes for children of all ages. And it reflects the core concepts that

  • Every child deserves to be healthy
  • Prevention works
  • Families matter
  • Health is everyone’s business.

The American Academy of Pediatrics develops Bright Futures for pediatricians and other health and human service providers. These professionals then share this information with the children and families they serve.

But Bright Futures is also a resource for families and others interested in children’s health information. An important part of Bright Futures is guidelines that parents can use as they care for their growing child.


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