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Partial Consent for IEPs in Virginia (PEATC E-News July 21, 2023)


In Virginia, if your child is receiving special education services through an Individualized Education Program (IEP), you have an important right known as 'Partial Consent.' All school divisions in Virginia are required to accept Partial Consent. 

Here's how it works: When the school presents the IEP for your child, if you agree with some of the proposed items but have concerns or disagreements about others, you can give 'Partial Consent.' As a parent, you can initial or sign your name next to the items that you are consenting to in the document. If your school division uses Virginia IEP or another type of electronic system, parents can request a paper copy to sign partial consent. If school personnel have questions about this process, they can reach out to the Office of Dispute Resolution and Administrative Services (ODRAS) at 804-225-2013 or  

If a school division does not accept Partial Consent, dispute resolution options are available for both parents and school divisions. Parents and professionals can always reach out to the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) or PEATC with questions or concerns related to Partial Consent.  

For more information re: Partial Consent, see pages 20-21 of the VDOE FAQ concerning special education regulations


Office of Dispute Resolution and Administrative Services


Dispute Resolution Individualized Education Program (IEP)