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A Guide for Local Special Education Advisory Committees (SEACs) in Virginia (Virginia Department of Education, VDOE)


Virginia school divisions are required to have a special education advisory committee. The purpose of the committee is to provide an opportunity for parents and other school board appointees to have a voice in the way that school divisions provide services to students with disabilities. LSEAC members are appointed by local school boards. The committees provide reports and recommendations to their school boards. 

The purpose of the SEACs Guide:  A Guide for Local Special Education Advisory Committees in Virginia (PDF) is to provide basic information for local SEAC members and school division representatives regarding SEAC roles and functions. SEACs can play a critical role in assisting school divisions in shaping services for students with disabilities.  It is intended that this guide be used to strengthen collaboration and effective working relationships among families, school board members, division staff and administrators, and community members as a means of improving special education services and outcomes for students with disabilities. This guide was revised in 2011 to comply with revisions to the Regulations Governing Special Education Programs for Children with Disabilities in Virginia (published January 25, 2010). The 2020 revision of the guide was supported by a team of parents who serve (or served) as local SEAC chairs and the Virginia Department of Education staff.


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