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Unstuck and On Target: An Executive Function Curriculum (Resources are available in Spanish.)


What is Unstuck?

A curriculum and a set of easy to use tools that employ cognitive behavioral techniques to improve flexibility, planning and organization. Unstuck consists of small group lessons and simple, everyday strategies that build a common language for better regulation of feelings, behavior and thinking.

Who is Unstuck for? Does it Work?

Unstuck is for school-age youth with good verbal skills, but difficulty with executive functions.

Research shows that Unstuck helps children with autism or ADHD become more flexible problem solvers, with better abilities to follow directions, make transitions, and avoid meltdowns and negativity. It also helps reduce parent stress and creates calmer classrooms.

How Can I Learn Unstuck?

The Unstuck website will introduce you to engaging multimedia tools for parents, teachers, therapists and neurodiverse youth to learn Unstuck, including: an easy to use manual with pre-made lesson plans and step by step directions, online training modules, free videos and much more.


ADD/ADHD Autism Spectrum Disorder Behavior Curriculum/Instructional Methods Elementary Family Engagement Instructional Strategies Parent/Family