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EZPic2Txt Texting App (Google Play & App Store) ATware Solutions, LLC - Free


EZPic2Txt is a texting app that provides a simple picture-based format for individuals with disabilities, who are non-readers or who are not able to text using a standard touch screen keyboard. The user can send important preset messages (created by a family member, caregiver, educator or employment specialist) to necessary preset contacts as e-mail messages or text messages with one swipe. Texts sent or received by the user can be read out loud using text-to-speech technology. Messages may be setup so that they only appear on specified weekdays, A or B school days, or on any day. Users can also send and receive messages by others using this app when added to their contacts.

Users may designate one contact to be the main contact who can a) remotely setup their messages and contacts, b) send tasks that must be completed by the user, and c) monitor when and if tasks have been completed by the user.

iOS EzPic2Txt is made to be cross-platform compatible, i.e., it can send/receive messages to/from EzPic2Txt developed for smart devices with other operating systems.


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