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Center for Family Involvement


The Center for Family Involvement is part of the Partnership for People with Disabilities at Virginia Commonwealth University. The Center for Family Involvement works with families to increase their skills as advocates, mentors and leaders so that families, children and young adults with disabilities can lead the lives they want.

The Center for Family Involvement team is made up of people with disabilities, parents, siblings, other family members and professionals. All of us have advocated, mentored and taken leadership roles in support of people with disabilities leading the lives they want for themselves.

We know that getting good, unbiased information is the first step in playing this supporting role. Training also helps each of us to do our best as advocates, mentors and leaders.

Please join us at the CFI in creating a place where people with disabilities, parents, family members and professionals can go to get the information, training and support they need.


Dana Yarbrough
CFI Helpline


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