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Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) Trainings- Live Online Trainings and Virtual Training Course (PEATC and VDOE)


PEATC (Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center) in partnership with the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) is pleased to offer SEAC trainings aimed at helping SEAC members understand the role of the local Special Education Advisory Committee in Virginia and to build a more efficient and effective advisory committee.

This training will include information on:

  • SEAC in Virginia SPED Regulations
  • SEAC Roles and Responsibilities
  • Building Your Local SEAC
  • Organization Tips for SEACs
  • How to be an Effective Advisory Committee

Live Online Training Options: July 17, 2021 or August 14, 2021


Opening September 1 – SEAC Virtual Training Course: Self-paced course for parents and professionals across Virginia. Certificates will be provided upon completion.


9/1/2021 - 9/30/2021




SEAC Training.pdf


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