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Family Guided Routines Based Intervention (FGRBI) & Everyday Routines, Activities, and Places


Family Guided Routines Based Intervention (FGRBI) and Caregiver Coaching is an early intervention model that incorporates the Part C of IDEA mandates and the recommended evidence-based practices for supports and services for young children with delays and disabilities and their families. Caregiver Coaching research documents strategies that facilitate the implementation of FGRBI by caregivers with their children in everyday routines and activities and validates coaching strategies for dissemination. The Caregiver Coaching framework guides EI providers to use recommended practices throughout the home or center-based visit to increase the caregiver’s competence and confidence to embed priority child outcomes and targets. Together, FGRBI and Caregiver Coaching offers strategies for early intervention professionals across disciplines to support development of positive child and family learning outcomes.

Everyday Routines, Activities, and Places

Caregivers identify routines that are authentic, dynamic, and relevant to their priorities and interests. The following materials and videos illustrate how FGRBI and Caregiver Coaching embed the practices and principles of natural environments using each family’s preferred everyday routines, activities, and places as the context for interaction and intervention. Materials and resources within this section are useful for identifying the child’s and family’s everyday events that support embedded intervention and extend the use of functional skills and behaviors. They have been developed to combine materials and resources in the other components of FGRBI and Caregiver Coaching.


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