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Holiday Behavior Worksheet for Your Child (Understood for learning & attention issues)


The holidays can be hard for kids who learn and think differently. Things that are supposed to be fun — special holiday meals, chitchat with friends and relatives — can be stressful. There may be unspoken (or even spoken) comparisons to other kids. All these demands can lead to behavior problems.

One way to avoid problem behavior is by planning for holiday challenges ahead of time. With these worksheets, you and your child can do that together.

The worksheets list common holiday challenges. One worksheet has challenges your child may face in a typical year. The other worksheet has challenges of the 2021 holiday season due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

Choose one of the worksheets. Then work with your child to mark off the challenges that apply — or come up with different things that are hard during the holidays. Then fill out the chart for each challenge.


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