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Download: Holiday Behavior Worksheet for Your Child (Understood for learning & attention issues)


Navigating the holidays can be hard for many kids with learning and attention issues. Kids often face demands during the holidays that they might not normally face. Large gatherings. Long meals. Interactions with different people in new situations. And for some, there are unspoken (or even spoken) comparisons to other kids.

These demands don’t only make holidays stressful. They can also lead to behavior issues. One way to avoid problem behavior is to help your child identify holiday challenges and brainstorm strategies ahead of time.

This downloadable worksheet can help your child do just that. It includes a checklist of common holiday challenges. Your child can go through the list and mark off ones that apply—or come up with additional ones. If your child is young, you can work on it together.

The worksheet also includes strategy charts. Have your child fill out one for each challenge marked on the checklist. These charts have three sections: My Challenge, What Usually Happens, and What I Can Do Instead.


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