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Writing with Alternative Pencils: Guide to Using the Alphabet Eye Gaze Frames (Center for Literacy and Disability Studies) & Project Core Printable Eye Gaze Frame Pictures


The Color Coded Eye Gaze frame (adapted by Erickson, 2000) is intended for students with multiple significant physical and hearing impairments, including those with unknown cognitive skills. The eye gaze frame is often used by students that are unable to hold a pencil or unable to physically manipulate a standard or an enlarged keyboard. For students who have such challenges, using their eyes can be the easiest. Students need to have some degree of vision, but it does not need to be completely intact in order to use the eye gaze frame. In fact, this pencil has been used by students with a variety of visual impairments, such as cortical vision impairment and even unknown and difficult to assess visual skills. Hearing is not required to use the eye gaze frame.


Assistive Technology Communication - AT Paraprofessional