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Project Core: Professional Development Modules (To improve communication and academic achievement for students with significant cognitive disabilities)


Project Core is a stepping-up technology implementation grant directed by the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies, Department of Allied Health Sciences, UNC-Chapel Hill. The primary goals of Project Core are two-fold:

  • Empower teachers and classroom professionals to deliver access to a Universal Core vocabulary and communication instruction during the naturally occurring academic and daily routines of the school day.
  • Improve the academic achievement of students with significant cognitive disabilities as evidenced by gains in their communication and literacy skills, and ultimately in their end-of-year assessments.

Professional Development Modules

  • Module 1: Project Core Overview
  • Module 2: Universal Core Vocabulary
  • Module 3: Beginning Communicators
  • Module 4: Aided Language Input
  • Module 5: Supporting Individual Access to the Universal Core
  • Module 6: Teaching Communication During Daily Routines and Activities
  • Module 7: Teaching Communication During Academic Instruction
  • Module 8: Shared Reading
  • Module 9: Predictable Chart Writing
  • Module 10: Alphabet Knowledgy and Phonological Awareness
  • Module 11: Independent Reading
  • Module 12: Independent Writing


Project Core Team


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