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Applied Studies Curriculum Map (Applied Studies Diploma) Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) 2016


The Applied Studies Curriculum Map (PDF) is a set of skills and competencies that IEP teams can use to identify the need for additional instruction that the student will need to achieve their postsecondary goals. These skills are not standards or required to earn the Applied Studies Diploma, but provide guidance to teams in aligning the student’s transition goals with the goals outlined in the annual IEP. The Applied Studies Curriculum Map provides a guide in which teachers, students, families, and other team members can identify skills that will have a direct impact on the student’s achievement of their post-secondary goals.

  1. To provide statewide guidance to IEP teams to develop goals and objectives that will:
    • provide the student with instruction that directly address deficits leading to their post-secondary goals;
    • supplement instruction on state standards (Virginia Standards of Learning or Aligned Standards of Learning); and
    • provide a mechanism for linking skills back to state standards.
  2. To improve communication of skills and provide a common planning resource
    • increase student participation, self-determination and motivation;
    • inform parents/ guardians/ advocates of critical skills; and
    • assist with long-term planning beginning as the student enters transition age.
  3. To promote the incorporation of evidence based practices and predictors into student programs
    • support opportunities for instruction in real-life scenarios;
    • provide resources related to evidence based practices and data-based decision making; and
    • increase use of authentic assessment.


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