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Credit Accommodations: Personal Living and Finances course (Virginia Department of Education, VDOE)


Credit accommodations for students with disabilities pursuing a Standard Diploma include augmenting the Personal Living and Finances course (state course code 3120) by including the 21 Workplace Readiness Skills (WRS) for the Commonwealth. Students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and 504 Plans will have the opportunity to use the revised course to meet the Economics and Personal Finance graduation requirement if the student has earned at least three (3) standard credits in history and social science. The economics strand in these courses would be deemed a credit accommodation for those students. Upon successful completion of the Personal Living and Finances course, the student has the option to take the Workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth Assessment to earn a Board-approved industry credential. Upon passing the WRS assessment, the student would satisfy the graduation requirements for an industry credential, economics and personal finance, and history and social sciences.


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