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Guidelines for the Provision of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in Public Schools (Virginia Department of Education, VDOE)


The purpose of this guidance document is twofold. First, this guidance document will address specific legislation related to the provision of applied behavior analysis (ABA) services in the school setting. Second, this guidance document will provide considerations for both school division personnel and private providers in order to promote successful services and supports for students who may receive ABA services. It should be made clear, however, ABA services can be provided by a school division but school divisions are not required to provide ABA unless an individualized education plan (IEP) Team determines ABA is required for a student to receive a free and appropriate public education (FAPE).

Given the varying needs and capacity of school divisions, this guidance will center on the roles and responsibilities of behavior analysts in schools, effective partnership, and communication strategies to enhance outcomes for students. This guidance document is intended to provide information and recommendations to support successful collaboration between school division personnel, behavior analysts, and families.

The Word version of the Guidelines for the Provision of Behavior Analysis in Public Schools is linked from the VDOE website and a copy is attached below..


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