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Moving to online/home instruction - Q & A for Intervention Specialists working with learners who have complex needs (OCALI TDL Center 2020)


Q: What were you in the process of teaching before schools moved to home instruction? What activities did you have planned? What standards were you in the process of covering?

Q: What were you planning to teach next month, and the next and the next? What units of study were coming next? What standards still remain untaught?

Q: What daily schedule were your students used to following? How can it be adapted to work in a home environment? Note: Think ease of use for families and flexibility.

Q: Were there in-task schedules, task analysis, first then choices/boards that might be needed by learners and families to complete tasks and build learner independence? Can those be emailed, gathered from school or printed and sent home?

Q: How do we develop transition/functional skills across home, work, community during school closure?

Q: How do we help families and students maintain emotional and physical health during time at home?


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