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Community-based Skills Assessment (CSA): Developing a Personalized Transition Plan (Autism Speaks)


Autism Speaks is excited to announce that the Community-based Skills Assessment (CSA), a tool to help you develop a personalized transition plan, is now an app, powered by Identifor. 

Check out the app by downloading it in the Apple or Google store!

The challenges associated with the transition from school services to adulthood for individuals with autism are well documented. Every individual with autism is different and as a result, there is no "one size fits all" plan for the path to adulthood.

The most important factor in creating a plan is to focus on the individual. His or her strengths, needs, challenges and preferences will play a critical role in ensuring a successful transition process. The CSA, developed through a contract with Virginia Commonwealth University's Rehabilitation Research and Training Center, was designed to help parents and professionals assess the current skill levels and abilities of individuals with autism beginning at age 12 and continuing into adulthood in order to develop a comprehensive plan.


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