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Assistive Technology for People with Brain Injury (BrainLine & Easterseals Iowa)


Assistive Technology for People with Brain Injury (BrainLine) - A traumatic brain injury can bring with it all sorts of challenges. A person’s balance may be off; he may have lost part of his field of vision; or his memory might be so compromised that within moments of seeing or hearing something, it’s gone. But like a magnifying glass for someone who has trouble reading the small print, there are many assistive technologies available for people with TBI.

What is Assistive Technology? (Easterseals Iowa) - Assistive Technology (AT) is defined as any piece of equipment, product system or service used to increase, maintain, and/or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities or limitations (ATIA, 2017). This term can refer to any type of assistive, adaptive, or rehabilitative device, along with the process of using these devices. Assistive technology can range from low tech to high tech devices depending on the individual's needs and their given environment.


Assistive Technology Traumatic Brain Injury