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Mathshare is a free problem-solving tool that makes learning math easier. With Mathshare, students can solve problems step-by-step and explain their reasoning with a note. This helps students stay focused and shows teachers how they got their answers. Mathshare is free for teachers and students.

Many students struggle with learning math. Some need help staying organized, some have trouble with legible handwriting, and others may have learning differences like dyscalculia or dysgraphia. For all students who want to learn math, Mathshare makes it easier to learn and helps build positive math experiences.

Key benefits:

  • Maintain organization and focus – step-by-step problem solving makes it easier to work on problems in smaller parts
  • Explain reasoning – note-taking lets students explain their thinking
  • Evaluate learning – teachers can evaluate not only student answers, but also their reasoning
  • Make learning accessible– built-in features like speech-to-text make using Mathshare accessible to students with learning differences and disabilities


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