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CEHD Cares Featured and Past Webinars


CEHD wants to help, and that’s why we’re excited to announce our educational initiative, CEHD Cares. We are fortunate to have experts and award-winning faculty across the spectrum in education who want to lend a virtual hand during this time. Over the next few weeks, our faculty will provide tips and resources on a variety of educational topics, including literacy, science and math education, early childhood education, English as a second language, and special education.

Topics include:

  • Let’s talk about race: Imperfect action is better than silence (Part One)
  • Engage and Inspire: Reading with Your Elementary Children
  • Exercise and Well-Being Tips
  • Social and Emotional Development for Children and Adults
  • Creating Predictability in an Unpredictable Time for Children with Disabilities
  • How Children Learn: Feeling, Connecting, Questioning, and Interacting
  • Engaging Children Through Wonder and Science
  • Coping with the Crisis: Advice from Counseling Experts
  • Tips for Maintaining Self-Care
  • Supporting Young Children at Home


Behavior Curriculum/Instructional Methods Early Childhood History/Social Science Literacy Social/Emotional