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Working with your Child at Home, TSBVI's COVID-19 Response Center (Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired)


This section includes:

  • TSBVI Independent Living Activities Curriculum Book (.zip download file)
  • TSBVI Basic Skills Activity Routines Curriculum Book (.zip download file)
  • Experiential Activities for Home (DOCX)

Additionally, here are some other resources we think are great:

  • Paths to Literacy: Virtual ECC Academy - Perkins, TSBVI, APH, and CalState University are teaming up to provide 3 weeks of free online lessons covering the different areas of the ECC, each day for one hour. We're in the middle of the 2nd week right now and several of our own TSBVI staff are leading lessons! It's free for anyone to join!
  • TSBVI/Perkins Paths to Literacy: Stay at Home Activities for Children with Visual Impairments describes fun activities to do at home to keep your children engaged.
  • Bingo Home Activity is a BINGO activity for families of younger students and students with multiple disabilities; it was designed by an LS teacher at the Ohio State School for the Blind.
  • TSBVI's physical education teachers recommend the video resources on, a site for adapted physical activities.
  • NFB has a page dedicated to weekly lessons and engaging activities for families and children to do at home.



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