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Distance Learning for Special Education (Kansas Department of Education)


Resources on this page are provided by educators and families from around the world. We are collaborating to support the needs of students with significant disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. These materials are open source and may be adapted to fit your child or student's need. They may not be used for purchase.
We are updating this site often. Please email if you have a resource to share that would support students with significant disabilities. 
This site includes:
  • Online Resources
    • PreK-K, Elementary, Secondary, Transition
    • Behavior Supports
    • Communication Supports
    • Motor Activities
    • Schedules and Visual Supports
    • Social Supports
    • Social Narratives
    • Social Emotional Supports
    • Progress Monitoring Tools
    • Recreation and Leisure
  • Tips for Families
  • Tips for Professionals
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Assistive Technology Autism Spectrum Disorder Behavior Collaboration Communication - AT Curriculum/Instructional Methods Intellectual Disability Parent/Family Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Professional Resources Recreation Social/Emotional